Fix Exchange DAG Failovers Caused by Snapshots

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By changing the following thresholds you can likely prevent unexpected failover of the DAG.
cluster.exe /prop SameSubnetDelay=2000:DWORD
cluster.exe /prop CrossSubnetDelay=4000:DWORD
cluster.exe /prop CrossSubnetThreshold=10:DWORD
cluster.exe /prop SameSubnetThreshold=10:DWORD

To change back to the defaults…
cluster.exe /prop SameSubnetDelay=1000:DWORD
cluster.exe /prop CrossSubnetDelay=1000:DWORD
cluster.exe /prop CrossSubnetThreshold=5:DWORD
cluster.exe /prop SameSubnetThreshold=5:DWORD

To view your current settings.
cluster.exe /prop


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Working with a variety of different virtualization and cloud architectures over the last few years I’ve come to realize that the majority of environments offer little in savings over their physical counterparts from years past. I believe one of the major reasons for this is over-engineering of the architecture. One of my favorite examples of this is storage multipathing. It’s a generally accepted truth that multipathing allows for high-availability and also commonly accepted that it provides additional performance. Unfortunately it seems as though the desire for n+1+1+1 type redundancy and multiple active connections causes one to lose sight of the mathematics involved. For example, say a VMware vSphere 5 cluster of 5 nodes is attached via 10Gb iSCSI to a 10Gb attached NetApp Filer capable of moving 4Gbit/s, active/active multipathing and interface bonding do nothing to increase throughput, only unnecessarily complicate the configuration. A better approach would be to look at the overall requirements for the solution and meet them with the least complex answer.

Illumos shows what it brings to the party.

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It seems Oracle isn’t the only one interested in progressing ZFS beyond where SUN had left it. The addition of SCSI UNMAP support to Nexenta and later the Illumos project, and lack of said support in Solaris proper, seems to be the “first blood” in the battle between Oracle’s closed ways and the desire of the community to maintain ZFS as a viable and progressive alternative to commercial storage technologies. In the end it all proves one thing, competition is good.

Really Ford? (Sirius Radio)

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Why would you choose to partner with a provider that relentlessly annoys your customers?  I’ve been getting calls daily for almost 2 weeks now form Sirius about the expired trial service on my wife’s Taurus that I’ve no interest in renewing. Asking them not to call seems to do nothing, so I’ve resorted to filing a complaint with the FCC.  Strangely enough they don’t bother me about my Audi… maybe someone over at Ford should tell Sirius to stop annoying it’s customers.

How to stop an mdadm resync.

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After reading through the manpage for mdadm and struggling with attempts to kill the resync processes manually I came across the checkarray command. To stop an active resync of all md raid devices “/usr/share/mdadm/checkarray -xa”. To stop a specific device “/usr/share/mdadm/checkarray -x /dev/md[123]”.

Create a bootable ESXi USB Flash Drive

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  1. Download the ESXi installable ISO.
  2. Double-click the ISO to mount it (an icon will appear on your desktop). From there, navigate the contents of the ISO image to find VMware-VMvisor-big-3.5.0-xxxx.i386.dd.bz2 and copy it out of the ISO image into a separate folder.
  3. bzcat <path to VMware-VMvisor file> | dd of=/dev/disk1

Ubuntu 8.10 Server Released

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London, October 28, 2008: Canonical Ltd. announced the upcoming availability of Ubuntu® 8.10 Server Edition for free download on 30 October. In related news Canonical also announced the simultaneous release of Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition.

Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Released

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London, October 27, 2008: Canonical Ltd. announced the upcoming availability of Ubuntu® 8.10 Desktop Edition for free download on 30 October. In related news, Canonical also announced the simultaneous release of Ubuntu 8.10 Server Edition

I’m a father!

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Lindsay Marie Farhood was born via cesarean section at Crittenton Hospital in Rochester, Michigan on July 12th at 2:57PM.

Firefox 3.0 Download Day

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Go get your copy