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Fix Exchange DAG Failovers Caused by Snapshots

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012 Posted in Exchange, Virtualization | 2 Comments »

By changing the following thresholds you can likely prevent unexpected failover of the DAG. cluster.exe /prop SameSubnetDelay=2000:DWORD cluster.exe /prop CrossSubnetDelay=4000:DWORD cluster.exe /prop CrossSubnetThreshold=10:DWORD cluster.exe /prop SameSubnetThreshold=10:DWORD To change back to the defaults... cluster.exe /prop SameSubnetDelay=1000:DWORD cluster.exe /prop CrossSubnetDelay=1000:DWORD cluster.exe /prop CrossSubnetThreshold=5:DWORD cluster.exe /prop SameSubnetThreshold=5:DWORD To view your current settings. cluster.exe /prop